Water, electricity and heat: monitoring and provided as a budget

Water and electricity monitoring and budgets

The most technically advanced solution in residential construction to transparently provide electricity, water, heat and equipment operating hours as prepaid credit or budget without time-consuming service charge billing and without the risk of subsequent claims. If the budget is exceeded, the user can easily and quickly add credit. A display in the apartment provides a simple overview of the current remaining budget and previous consumption. This supports a more conscious use of resources.

Prepaid water and electricity for apartments

The modern and simple way to provide and bill electricity, water, heat and washing machines in apartments directly online via smartphone, securely and without administrative effort. With the networked prepaid meter, residents can top up credit as needed and draw water, electricity and heat until the credit is used up. Residents have an overview and control of their consumption at all times and there is no risk of non-payment.

Advantages at a glance
  • Prepaid and budget system for electricity, heat, water and equipment operating times
  • Wall display with consumption data, credit and management messages
  • Annual or monthly budget and independent reloading by the user
  • Tenant power models and virtual power plants through real-time evaluation of different measuring points
  • Online payment (e.g. PayPal, HBCI connection) or convenient loading of credit balances by the administration possible
  • Integration of existing smart meters e.g. via MBUS, wMBUS, ModBUS
  • Prepaid billing for washing machines, dryers, showers, charging connections
  • Extensive API: Integration into existing online systems possible
  • User interface customisable according to individual requirements and to the customer CI
  • No manual reading – No risk of non-payment
  • Software as a cloud solution or on-premise
  • Profitable already from one installation with one measuring point

"A display in the hallway of each apartment informs households about current and past electricity and water consumption, as well as the remaining budget for the current year. Measurement results show that household electricity consumption is 50 percent below that of comparable German households"

Communication from Institut Wohnen und Umwelt GmbH dated 25.4.2022

Water distribution via water kiosk

Water kiosk with NFC cards

A water kiosk provides access to water in public places. The iSAtech prepaid meter gives users with a rechargeable NFC credit card 24-hour access to water. The tariff system allows differentiated prices and free quotas for different user groups. The prepaid cards are topped up using the mobile point of sale terminal or smartphone.

Water Kiosk Online

iSAtech prepaid system for water kiosks and water treatment plants. Credit is topped up online or by phone. Water and electricity can be drawn 24h a day. The robust and flexible network technology with the iSAtech routers with WIFI/GSM/LTE and LoRa, as well as the mixed online/offline operation allows the use in less well-connected areas.

Prepaid water for industry and irrigation

In many places, water tankers fulfil the essential task of supplying drinking water. Especially in remote areas, a tanker filling station with the prepaid meter simplifies the billing of large water customers. The filling stations are equipped with water meters and valves from 2 to 10 inches. These stations can be operated completely self-sufficiently or with personnel. The Prepaid Meter offers 24h access to water and better control.

Advantages at a glance
  • From small kiosks to tanker filling stations for irrigation
  • Online networked dispensing systems or local offline systems with prepaid cards
  • Top up credit with our PayU app: online and offline
  • Prepaid or budget systems definable, such as 50 litres per day of free access to drinking water
  • Extensive reporting
  • Worldwide online monitoring for levies, credits and water supply
  • Connection of a wide range of payment providers possible: from simple payment notification SMS analysis to IPN integration
  • Trader system: provision of quotas for traders and kiosk managers
  • Networking of the dispensing points in the field with long range LoRa radio over several kilometres

Online STS vending system for prepaid water and electricity meters

STS prepaid meters are standardized low-cost prepaid water meters and electricity meters from different manufacturers. The iSAtech Prepaid Metering Management System functions as an online management and billing system for STS prepaid water meters and electricity meters. As a vending system, the iSAtech Prepaid Metering Management System enables the generation of STS credit tokens and management tokens. The tokens can be sent automatically, e.g. by SMS, to the user or the meter. In addition, online payment systems can be connected to automate the complete process of credit acquisition via online payment (e.g. M-PESA), token generation and token dispatch. Extensive evaluations can be carried out via the powerful online monitoring and the mWater portal. In this way, large water supply infrastructures can be set up that combine all the advantages of inexpensive prepaid household meters with those of a powerful online prepaid management system.

"The Mobile for Development Utilities programme is very excited for a successful implementation of a mobile online pay as you go system in collaboration with iSAtech water GmbH and are grateful for a fruitful and cooperative partnership.

Caroline Sheldon
Market Engagement Manager, GSMA

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