Project start: 2019

Partner: New housing assistance, factor 10

Project key points:

  • iSAtech dispensing systems for electricity and water in 42 apartments
  • Provision of water and electricity as an annual budget
  • Costs for electricity and water are billed via the rent
  • Budget is determined depending on the number of residents
  • Display of current and expected consumption as well as the used and available budget via smartphone, website and information terminal in the apartment
  • Warning of budget overruns
  • Credit can be closed in the event of excess consumption
  • Configuration: Networked dispensing units in all apartments, central connection to server
  • Networking: iSA bus (wired, RS485) in the building; high reliability and power supply via network

Displays facilitate energy saving

"In the 42 apartments for people with access difficulties to the housing market, almost all utility costs are billed on a flat-rate basis, including heating and hot water. The flat rate also includes budgets for drinking water and household electricity, which are sufficient if people behave sparingly. A display in the hallway of each apartment informs households about current and past electricity and water consumption, as well as the remaining budget for the current year. Measurement results show that household electricity consumption is 50 percent below that of comparable German households, and heat consumption for heating and hot water is very low. Another positive aspect is that the municipality benefits from the lower utility costs in terms of social services."

Realized requirements for successful implementation of the prepaid/budget concept:

  • Display in the home with current credit balance in euros and kilowatt hours/liters, as well as consumption trends and forecasts
  • Simple additional payment possible if the budget is not enough
  • Charging the meter without access to the meter
  • Notification when the remaining balance falls below a certain value, also possible via SMS and e-mail
  • Tariffs and budgets with easy switching options if, for example, the occupancy of an apartment or individual requirements change
  • Simple management of the system
  • Quick overview and evaluation for administration

Display views in the apartment

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