iSAtech water GmbH was founded in 2010 as a software and hardware development company by graduates of the Technical University of Berlin.

With our team of developers and project managers we develop and produce, in close cooperation with our international partners, adapted systems and solutions for controlling and recording the dispensing of different resources such as water and electricity.

In our Edge-Cloud system, the data in the field is collected and processed by electronic control units. The evaluation, storage and provision of the data takes place in our server-cloud system. Via a web browser or our smartphone applications the data can be used and the dispensing systems in the field can be controlled.

To ensure a high degree of flexibility, the systems are designed to be combined with a wide variety of components (actuators and sensors/counters) at the field level. Our server-cloud system offers various adaptable interfaces in order to be connected to existing infrastructures and combined with common payment systems.


The first projects were started in Africa in 2010 in the sense of a "paid goods tax". The aim was to develop a robust and cost-effective electronic control system for the dispensing of resources. The control system was to operate battery-powered and maintenance-free for several years, even in less developed and climatically difficult environments.
For this purpose, iSAtech water GmbH is working together with iSAtech GmbH on an intelligent sensor and actuator technology to develop the first electronic controls.
Several long-term field tests served to further develop this technology.
Based on the experiences of the field tests and the customer feedback, the further development to an online system was started in 2014. This also included the integration of mobile money systems, which offer recharging and billing of credit via the Internet. The first project plans for this started in 2015 and were implemented in a field test in 2016 in cooperation with the GSM Association (Global Association of Mobile Operators).
Parallel to the development of the online charging systems abroad, the systems were also further developed for use in Germany. Here the focus was on integration into modern building management systems. The dispensing systems should not only serve to deliver resources such as water, heat and electricity, but should also take into account consumer goods. This includes, for example, the use of appliance operating times, such as washing machines, tumble dryers or electric cars used jointly.
Today, the intelligent dispensing systems of iSAtech water GmbH are used worldwide with NFC cards as well as online dispensing systems.

2010 First projects in Africa: prepaid water dispensing with NFC cards.

Extension of the prepaid metering system to a mobile online payment system with IPN-HUB, M- Pesa, PayPal integration

Worldwide projects

Projects in Malawi, Nepal, Germany, Egypt, Tanzania, Greece, Peru, Mongolia, Russia, Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique ...

Development project with Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Together with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FOKUS), the prepaid dispensing system was further developed to scale as a cloud edge software solution for very large infrastructure projects. A powerful development and test infrastructure with a continuous integration development process was also established.

Pilot project in social housing and student apartments with over 250 dispensing points.

Use of the PayU Cloud to manage and provide credit for water meters with STS (Standard Transfer Specification Association) credit tokens.