Prepaid for drinking water

Water kiosks benefit from the flexibility to install the dispensing unit accessible next to the water outlet and to secure the water technology inside properly.

The charged NFC card is placed on the dispensing unit to take drinking water. It activates the drinking water and offsets the amount withdrawn against the credit on the NFC card.

Designed for water kiosks

Our remote dispensing unit can be integrated into existing water kiosks. Easily accessible from the outside, it is connected to the valve and meter by cable inside. Especially under adverse environmental conditions and lack of network coverage, our system with NFC cards shows its strengths.

Installation in water kiosk

Take measurements. Insert. Connect to valve and meter. Done.



Authenticate, insert NFC card, enter amount and press OK. So simple. And yet so much is happening in the background. Because we log every transaction to bring transparency to all sales in the field.

Our transponder-based NFC cards exchange all relevant data via near-field communication with our dispensing units, without physical contact. This is what makes our system robust against challenging environmental conditions such as moisture, sand and insect infestation.

The PoS terminal or the PayU Manager app in the field

To charge an NFC card, an NFC-capable Android smartphone with our PayU Manager app can be used, or the PoS terminal. The PoS terminal with internal battery can be taken anywhere and used for several weeks without recharging. The authorized seller identifies himself with his ID card and a personal PIN at the PoS terminal. Each transaction is logged in encrypted form. At the end of the day or week, all logs are transferred to our PayU software. For easy accounting and settlement of sales.


See what happens

Our management software provides an overview of all transactions carried out in the field. The protocols in the PoS terminal are transferred to the computer via USB. You can see all charges that have been made and the responsible salesperson. In addition, you can conveniently enter customer data into our PayU software, create statistics on sales or consumption and see current status reports on the systems in the field.

In the software you create new users of the system, store all customer data and create price profiles. Defined free quantities per day are possible to enable a fairer and more transparent distribution of the resource drinking water and prices per litre can be defined, for example to secure cash reserves for the maintenance of the water kiosk.

Other dispensing units, point of sale terminals and authorised sales staff are also managed here.


The system in an overview


Overview without limits

Do you want to have an overview of everything that is happening in the field, even when you are on the road, on another continent, simply from anywhere? That's what our PayU cloud is for!

If the computer with the installed PayU software has Internet access, it can send all data to our PayU cloud. You are even closer to the field if the point of sale terminal is equipped with an optional radio module. Then it sends its logs to our PayU cloud as soon as it finds a network connection.

All water kiosks in view

With our PayU web interface you have access to all data, statistics and status reports in the PayU cloud from anywhere. Without installing any software. So simple. And so informative and sustainable. This is because problems can be identified and remedied promptly.

Creating awareness for the value of drinking water

  • Ensure the distribution of drinking water resources in a transparent, fair and long-term manner.
  • To raise awareness of the value of drinking water and thus promote a more mindful use of the water kiosk.
  • Minimize waste of drinking water and let everyone participate in the resource.
  • New financing concepts for water kiosks: Refinancing through the fair sale of drinking water.