Project start: 2017, duration 1 year

Partner: Olympios Trading S.A.

Project key points:

  • iSAtech water dispensing systems for water
  • Supply of water tankers for the irrigation sector
  • 7 locations for water taps in Greece
  • Configuration: Prepaid cards
  • Energy supply: solar/battery
  • Dispensing systems with bistable diaphragm valves DN25 to DN50 as well as motor-driven butterfly valves 

This project was brought into existence to alleviate the water problems of the local farmers in the region of Volos/ Greece, whilst ensuring the payment of this scarce resource. 

Farmers would use their water tankers to take the water and bring it to their fields.

In total 7 locations have been outfitted in Greece with 6 being in Volos. The farmers each have to register with the public water supplier to receive a transponder card with which they can then draw water at their local PPM (Prepaid Meter).

The PPM are powered by battery that is charged by solar panels so there is no interruption of service if the power should go out.