Water kiosk with NFC cards

A water kiosk provides access to water at public places. Through iSAtech's Prepaid Meter, users have 24h access to water with a rechargeable NFC credit card. The tariff system allows differentiated prices and free quotas for different user groups. With the mobile point of sale terminal the credit cards are recharged.

Water Kiosk Online

iSAtech Prepaid System for water kiosks and water treatment plants. Credit is topped up online or by phone. Water and electricity can be obtained 24 hours a day. The robust and flexible network technology with the iSAtech routers with WIFI/GSM and LoRa, as well as the mixed online/offline operation allows the use even in less developed areas.

Water and electricity for students

The modern and easy way to charge electricity, water, heat and washing machines in student apartments directly online via smartphone, securely and without administrative effort. With the networked prepaid meter, residents can top up credit as needed and continue to draw water, electricity and heat until the credit is used up.

Water and electricity quotas

The modern possibility to provide electricity, water and heat in real estate as prepaid credit or budget without costly service charge billing and without the risk of additional claims. If the budget is exceeded, the user can easily and quickly add credit. A display in the apartment provides an overview of the current residual budget and previous consumption. For a more conscious use of scarce resources.

Prepaid water in industry

In many places, water tankers fulfil the essential task of water supply. Especially in remote areas, a tanker filling station with the prepaid meter simplifies the billing of large water customers. The filling stations are equipped with water meters and valves from 2 to 10 inches. These stations can be operated with personnel or completely self-sufficient. The prepaid meter offers 24h access to water and better control.